Animal Testing:

Redex Industries does not engage in animal testing or contract others for animal testing.

Big Cow

What is the Big Cow’s Name?

Sadly, she is nameless. We have three cows that are part of the Udderly Smooth® team. They are calf sized, life sized and BIG COW. We certainly do need to name them, just hasn’t happened yet.

How do I get the Big Cow to come to my event?

Contact us by phone or e-mail If we can fit your event in our schedule. We’ll be there!

Chamois Cream

Yes, you can use Udderly Smooth® as a chamois cream. We suggest that you use Udderly Smooth® Chamois Cream which was developed specifically for this use. Whether you put Udderly Smooth® on yourself or your chamois is your choice. Many cyclists apply to both their body and chamois.

Clinic Samples

If you are an oncology nurse, clinic or diabetes educator  that would like patient samples, please fax your sample request to us at 330 332-1061.  If you need more, contact us, we do not send them out without your approval. We also have a online form for clinic samples. If you do not have the key word, please e-mail


You can find coupons in magazines and coupon inserts. We do not mail them to individuals

Free Samples

Many freebie sites post us as having free samples to ship to your home. We are not currently shipping samples of our products to individuals. You might ask your retailer if they have any samples of Udderly Smooth®
Can I use Udderly Smooth on my face?

Many women use Udderly Smooth® on their face either as a general moisturizer, foundation primer or to remove makeup. Like any other product, be careful around your eyes and avoid getting our product into your eyes.

Can I use Udderly Smooth on my sunburn?

Growing up, we always had a jar of Udderly Smooth® in the fridge during beach vacations. Apply a generous amount of Udderly Smooth® to your sunburned skin.


Udder Cream vs Udderly Smooth Body Cream

Several years ago we revised our labels to eliminate Udder Cream.  We haven’t changed the contents, just the labeling to reflect use as a cosmetic for skin care.  It’s the same quality product we have been making since 1978.